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At Shaze we present you an authentic and exquisite range of courses on our À la carte menu, while offering a wide range of Italian coffee brewed from choice 100% Arabica beans prepared to perfection. For those daring for a touch of adventure and craving for delights the ocean has to offer, our outdoor fish-market brings you the choice of picking and preparing from the catch. We welcome you to step in and be enthralled by the newest fusion experience in town!


Customers Says

“They have really good quality food. The service is amazing. The portion size is surprisingly satisfying. All the items are worth the price.”

Lasni Gunarathne local Guide

“I've been to cafe Shaze thrice during the past two months. Absolutely in love with the calamari. The chicken lasagna is so filling and tastes as great as it looks. The fish and chips are pretty good too! Love the Dori. These three items are the best I've tried so far. They give pretty decent portions. Also, had spaghetti bolognese which was a little dry and wasn't really tasty. Wouldn't recommend it. Ambiance is pretty nice. ”

Simi Abeywardhana local Guide

“ Food was excelent. The garlic bread was super awesome quantitatively and qualitatively. Very friendly staff. Prices are little bit higher. Grilled vegitable platter was very small in quantity than expected. Very calm dinein area where you can have no distractions. You can order stuff from "Jam Rolled Ice Cream" (The shop next to this shop) and have it inside Shaze. ”

Harsha Weerasinghe local Guide

“ great food , great coffee, great customer service and nice coffee shop ambience. ”

Lo Bibs local Guide

“ The food was absolutely perfect as for the service well I couldn't ask for better. The staff were all friendly and very hospitable. Low Brown lighting gives off a warm, peaceful and welcoming vibe. Coming back to the food, the portion size is perfect for one person, the food is also well seasoned. If you ask me I'd say that eating at this place is definitely a must. ”

Rose Dawson local Guide

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